Photos Dedicated to our Caps Family

Back in November a mother-daughter team decided to step out and launch a blog that would highlight photos taken at Caps practice and games, with a few good stories thrown in to make it interesting. We added a couple more ladies to help write the post games for us and then we added another gal-photographer. Finally we broke down and asked two of our guy friends to join us writing about the Caps and the local hockey community. Our goal was to bring you a positive perspective on our favorite team and some great pictures to bring it to life.


Little did we know that we would make so many friends along the way!

This post is dedicated to the many people we feel blessed and honored to have met this great season. We thank you for supporting our start in a rather competitive blog world and appreciate all the follows and shares.

Two of the first women to welcome us were Becca from Japers Rink and Jill Sorenson from CSN. These ladies took time to talk with us about the business and to introduce us to other great women involved in the hockey world.

We have made great friends with others who share a passion (yes, some a real passion) for certain players. We have the #FreeLatta Fans, the Holtbeast Crew, and Swede Burkie Followers.  And lets not forget all of you who go crazy every time we post a picture of Tom Wilson!!

Some of you have said “hello” to us at Kettler and asked how to get autographs. Some of you have let us take your pictures. Still others of you have shared your personal pictures with us to repost. We even had the fun of meeting a friend (Rebecca) who came all the way from Australia to see the Caps!


We especially want to thank the player’s wives who have been so gracious about letting us post pictures of your children. We really want to protect the personal lives of our players and have never published pictures without your approval. A special thank you to Gina Carlson who has allowed us to peek into her dedication to raising funds for St. Judes. You ladies rock.



image2 (1)  And a special thanks to Sigi Smailys for letting us include #babyjonas as the FiCP Mascot – he always brought a smile to our faces during practice! And a stick tap to Paul, David, Becca, and Tina for all your support reposting and retweeting. There were days you gave us the courage to keep going.

Keep with us this summer as we post all those pictures we never had time to get to and talk about the Caps future run for the cup. We agree with Nicky – IT WILL BE OURS!!!

Author: Maggie Marcum

Managing Editor for Friends in Cold Places.

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