The Ovechkin Blame Game

Alex Ovechkin shot his heart out in the playoffs. He led the team in goals during the regular season and was one goal behind T.J. Oshie in leading during the playoffs. Until this final game, he was leading in all categories.

Overall he had 12 points (team lead) and 62 shots. The Pens managed to hold him off in this series. They know how to trap Ovechkin and the Caps didn’t seem to know how to help free him up to do what he does best – score.

Game 1 he had four SOG and one assist

Game 2 he had three SOG but no points

Game 3 he had seven SOG with one goal and one assist.

Game 4 he had seven SOG again but no points again.

Game 5 he had six SOG with one assist and one goal.

In Game 6, the final for the Caps, he still shot six times but was held to two assists.

No question that Ovi wants nothing more than to inspire his teammates to excel. Every game you can see his tenacity. We have watched him at practice and seen the little sidebar chats he has with teammates. Off the ice, he took the younger Russians under his wing as a friend and mentor.

This was the team that had it all. This was Ovi’s year by all accounts. With all his milestones, he has shown that he is one of the greatest hockey players of  this current generation. Yes, he hasn’t received all the team awards that a particular Canadian has, but he has the individual achievements that still prove his personal dedication to winning the game and winning the cup.

In our books, he is still the team MVP. He is still the leader the Caps need. He just needs the rest of the team–ALL of the team–to step up and play to his standard. Unfortunately, there were some players who weren’t quite ready for the competition that comes with the playoffs. That is not on Ovi. That is on the coaching team and the individual players.

In Ovi we trust!



Author: Maggie Marcum

Managing Editor for Friends in Cold Places.

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