BB on the Move Again

Bruce Boudreau has once again been released from his duties as an NHL head coach. We’re actually pretty surprised that Anaheim hung in there as long as they did this season.


General Manager Murray said about BB’s firing: “In no way, shape or form is this pointing a gun at Bruce’s head. Let’s make that perfectly clear. But you’ve got to start somewhere.” Sounds familiar.

When teams fail to thrive quite often there is a disconnect between the coach and the team. For whatever reason, the team may no longer hear or respect the coach and the coach can no longer find the way to reach or encourage the team. It is what happened in Washington and it looks like its what happened in Anaheim. Change has to happen when a team falls short of full success. You can’t exactly fire the full team so the first to go is usually the coach.

Bruce is a talented coach. He is a great guy. He is likable, which is why he still owns a warm spot in Caps’ fans hearts. The rumor mill has already spinning in full gear as the media guesses where he will end up next. Ottawa, Minnesota, and maybe the Islanders. Where ever he lands, we wish him well–unless the Caps are playing against him!

Author: Maggie Marcum

Managing Editor for Friends in Cold Places.

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