Simmonds vs. Wilson

Tom Wilson and Wayne Simmonds are known on their respective teams for being heavy hitters who aren’t afraid to throw a punch… or two. But what else do they bring to the table? Let’s take a look a the numbers from the regular season:

Hits:  TW-253  WS-192

PIM: TW-163    WS-177

Goals: TW-7    WS- 32

Assists: TW-16  WS-28

Shots: TW-99    WS-229

Average TOI: TW-12:55   WS-17:14

Face-off win %: TW-57.1  WS-71.4

We will credit Simmonds’ edge on Willy to his veteran NHL player status. Tom Wilson still has some learning to do and that is something that will come with time and experiences. For now we are happy with how far he has come this season, and are really looking forward to seeing him mature into an amazing hockey player.   



Author: Maggie Marcum

Managing Editor for Friends in Cold Places.

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