Williams and Richards: Back in the City of Angels

Social media and the press are buzzing about the ’emotional’ return of Justin Williams and Mike Richards to Los Angeles when the Washington Capitals meet the Kings at Staples Center tonight. Having just gone through the emotional visit of Brooks Laich when his new team played at Verizon, we get the buzz.

However, we think the emotion is heavier on Kings fans than on our boys. Lets not forget that J-Willy left LA because he was ready for a change. And we know the unfortunate circumstances that brought Richards to the AHL and eventually to the Caps franchise. Both these guys won the Stanley Cup with the Kings and so there is a certain pride from the LA fans that goes along with their ‘homecoming.’ And we know that there are some long-standing friendships–Justin had dinner with Anze Kopitar when the Kings were in D.C. last February.

  • Williams told reporters this week: “I don’t like thinking about it because that’s looking back and I find the best way to move on is to think about the future and the present.”  That’s what makes him the kind of leader the Caps have embraced.

We would say though, that both these guys are right at home in D.C…just look at these happy faces!!

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So we will go along with the hype about their emotional return but at the end of the day, we expect Willy and Richie to show them which team has their allegiance today!!



Author: Maggie Marcum

Managing Editor for Friends in Cold Places.

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