Goalie to Goalie: Ducks Are Mighty but Caps are Red Hot

The first place Washington Capitals begin their California road trip this evening as they are taking on the Anaheim Ducks. The Ducks have been nothing short of outstanding with a record of 25-4-2 since Christmas break.

Goaltender John Gibson has won his last four starts with a 1.96 GAA and save percentage of .921. Something that you haven’t seen a lot of this year, in fact it hasn’t happened until recently. Braden Holtby has struggled, not ill–maybe call it being fatigued, It’s been a long season for everyone and its almost playoff time. That being said his last five starts aren’t the Holtby we know. With a record of 2-3, GAA of 3.01 and save percentage of .897, he looks to bounce back tonight as the Capitals starting goaltender.

The Anaheim Ducks are arguably the best team of late, but they shouldn’t fly too high. They have had seasons in recent playoff history where they come in on top and then the playoffs start…and the ducks fall right out of the sky. This is a team that has a  lot to think about this off season in respect to goalies.  It might not be what they want to do, but it’s a business and sometimes its necessary to go shopping to improve the business. In this case, they may need to search for a goalie that will bring new hope and much needed attention to a never ending crease problem in Anaheim.

  • Frederik Anderson and John Gibson aren’t bad. They both have had phenomenal games, but there comes a time that moves have to be made and it is my honest and personal opinion that the front office and executives needs to look into that.



Braden Holtby…….. What can I say, the guys a stud. Last July the Capitals secured the league’s best goalie for another five years at $30.9 mil contract! Some thought it was too much of an offer and honestly I don’t blame anyone for thinking that  Look at numerous athletes where they have one good year and get offered millions and millions of dollars with a lot of it guaranteed, no matter what. And then the season is a flop for them.

I will say and argue with anyone that tries to say otherwise: Braden Holtby is worth the money. Not only has he had the season that outperforms his previous hockey playing career; he has been a huge motivation: to his team, the community, and fans everywhere.

This should be a great matchup between the team, but we predict The Holtbeast comes out on top!



Author: Maggie Marcum

Managing Editor for Friends in Cold Places.

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