Trotz’s Take: Bruins Post-game 6 March 2016

Following the Washington Capitals OT win over the Boston Bruins, Coach Trotz had this to say about his Boyz and their battle to win:

Coaches  Challenge:

As soon as they scored the goal…both our video coaches really communicated well to the bench…I think they’re offside lets look at it

To me it was a turning point in the game. This is four games in five nights for gets two nothing, .don’t know if we are able to get two points   Huge turning point

I thought our penalty kill was outstanding. your best penalty killer is always your goaltender and Grubauer was fantastic.

I liked our battle.

  • There’s a lot of battle on our bench.
  • There is commitment
  • You see the guys getting stitched up and all that
  • I think it was a real good hockey game from both sides.
  • I take a lot of pride in this group
  • They’ve got real good leaders.

Adversity Battle

They are battling through some adversity.

  • the adversity of playing four games in five nights,
  • the adversity of getting to the hotel and probably getting to sleep after 3
  • fighting through five on three

Fourth line:

I don’t know what they call that line…

  • they come hard I think they have take on the personalities of their centerman
  • its a credit to Beags as that missing element
  • Daniel has fit in and has played really well on that line is
    • making plays
    • doing a real good job on the penalty kill

I really like that line, you can throw them out there against anybody and they are hard to play against.


He is on the ice all the time, that’s number one. The odds go up when you are on the ice. He’s been so solid all year. He’s one of those guys that flies under the radar. He doesn’t want a lot of credit. He is one of the most popular guys in our room he been making a big case for himself top defenseman in the hockey league

Ovi Boarding Penalty

I saw it on the screen I watched again. Ovi is a big man…he’s got him by 30 40 pounds…no intent…Miller unfortunately got hurt…doing his job



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