Trotz’s Take: Post-Practice 3/4/2016

Here are some of the highlights from  Coach Barry Trotz’s morning press conference.

Same line-up as we saw against the Maple Leafs.


“…is fine. I can see him in the lineup tomorrow.”

“Your are either hurt or injured…right now he is hurt.”


“They are an active D.”

“They have four good lines”

“They fore-check hard”

“Gotta take care of the active D”

If Raanta is in for Lundqvist in the goal:

“Make sure we are getting traffic and putting pucks to the net”

“I don’t think the way we play with Raanta in the net will change.”


Trotz told him he “is not a rental player…here for another year”

“Get fully engaged, immerse yourself”

He will have a “big role in the PK, late games, and the shut down line”


He’s “got a dimension where he can turn something into nothing–where you see some of his goals. But, he can turn nothing into something the other way too. That is where we want to get some balance in his game.”

Click HERE for the complete video from Monumental Network.


Author: Maggie Marcum

Managing Editor for Friends in Cold Places.

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