The “John Scott NHL All-Star Games”: Best Tweets and Pics

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It was nothing but fun in Nashville this weekend when the National Hockey League took over the town. There were so many great pictures out there and some comical tweets and pictures posted by the players themselves. Here are some that made us laugh and wish we were there!

One of the best moments of the competition:

Not to be outdone – Kuzy Channels Ovi

It was nice to see the touching concern players have for their teammates…

And who wouldn’t want Amy Grant as assistant coach in charge of backrubs? PK Subban didn’t seem to mind:

Caps Player Jerseys

These Western Conferences guys: you won’t see them smiling together again anytime soon…

Kuzy SCORES!!! Thank RMNB:

John Scott

But face it, the NHL All Star Games were all about John Scott. Without his story there would have been no real reason to watch. The fans celebrated his participation and the other players rallied around him.

First Goal of two scored by John.

A little light-hearted tussle with Patrick Kane. Especially funny since Kane has been booed all weekend and Scott cheered at every turn.

scott kane
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And it was the perfect ending to a great Cinderfella story. The game ended on a high note with the Pacific Division, led by Captain John Scott, leaving with the win and Scott with the MVP award and a renewed respect for the ‘underdog.’ This is just one of the many tweets from the teams around the NHL to John Scott!!

In closing, it was a fun weekend but we are ready to get back to the business playing real games! 

Author: Maggie Marcum

Managing Editor for Friends in Cold Places.

4 thoughts on “The “John Scott NHL All-Star Games”: Best Tweets and Pics”

  1. I didn’t really know of John Scott much before all this fiasco began and now.. I’m waiting on tenterhooks for the movie because if they don’t make a movie of his story then they’re missing out on a great opportunity!
    I had a lot of fun watching the game from my couch at home, even when it was hitting 3am I just had to stay up the whole time!

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