Bringing Neuvy Back: Caps and Flyers Goalie Matchup

neuvy caps
Michael Neuvirth as a Caps goalie.

One-time Caps and Hershey Bear’s goalie, Michal Neuvrith may finally be in the net against his former teammates on Wednesday. Michal started his pro career with the Caps and when he left had a .910 save percentage. He now has a .934 save percentage and often leads the league in that category. Unfortunately, he also has a history of injuries that have probably prevented him from earning the starting position he keeps seeking.

Since leaving the Caps in a trade to the Buffalo Sabres in March 2014 (for Jaroslav Halak), Neuvy has continued to struggle with injuries that sideline him as well as an inconsistent playing record. Nearly a year later to the date, the Sabres traded him to the Islanders for Chad Johnson, which has worked out pretty well for the Sabres so far. In 27 games with the Sabres he left with a .918 save percentage. In a weird set of circumstances, hp,aged as  back-up to Halak during his brief stint. After only playing  in five games, Neuvirth continued his quest to find a starting position which landed him with the Flyers in July 2015 on a two-year back-up goalie deal.

The Flyers have the benefit of a dynamic duo for goalies. Neuvy is having one of his best years. Although Mason has lost his last three games, the Flyers organization seems to have more faith in him, despite the stats that Neuvirth keeps posting when he is defending the crease. Neuvirth lost in their match against Boston Monday leaving the Flyers with their fourth consecutive loss.

  • The Bear’s Calder Cup winner has only had one showing against the Caps since leaving in the playoff round of Islanders in 2014. Mostly he has been injured or watching the game from the bench. No word yet if he gets the net nod for Wednesday, but clearly he will be in the building.

How do our goalies compare? Glad you asked, we have highlighted the categories in which each goalie leads in this comparison:

holby grubauer

GAA Save Percentage Games Played Games Won Shutouts
Holtby 2.01 .930 38 30 2
Grubauer 2.12 .925 11 5 0
Mason 2.72 .914 29 10 3
Neuvirth 2.05 .934 20 10 3

No word yet on who will be in the net for either team on Wednesday. Mason is the most likely candidate for Wednesday. Expect to see Holtby in as well. Check with us on Wednesday for the final line-up and net minder selection.

mason flyers
Steve Mason

Michal Neuvirth Flyers Photo by

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Michael Neuvirth Caps, Holbty, & Grubauer Photos by Brittney Marcum

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