Caps Snow Weekend Survival Guide

The Washington Capitals were scheduled to play the Anaheim Ducks (1/22) and the Pittsburgh Penguins (1/24) this weekend but Winter Storm Jonas (a.k.a TJSnowshie) had another plans. The NHL announced on Friday and Saturday that both games were cancelled and were going to be rescheduled to the later date.

But what are we going to do without Caps hockey?!? Fear not friends, we’ve got you covered!

Monumental Network and Caps Radio 24/7

The Monumental Network has compiled Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin’s eight best goals in his career so far. Monumental Network also has a plethora of entertaining Caps videos to help you pass the time until they play again. Maybe spend some time watching the Caps Roomies be the Caps Roomies.


Listen to the Capitals 7-1 dominant win against the Ottawa Senators (Ovi 500!) on January 10 and their thrilling 5-2 win over the New York Rangers on January 17. Capitals Radio is available on the Caps app (top right corner) and


If watching videos and listening to the radio are not your things, then there are some fantastic podcasts available (for free!!) for you to enjoy. Fair warning: These podcasts do contain some colorful language.

Ian Oland and Peter Hassett of Russian Machine Never Breaks uploaded a new podcast this week. The episode features Steve “Dangle” Glynn and a speed round of how every Capital has done so far this season. Ian and Peter do a great job and it is definitely worth a listen.

Get to Know Other Teams

Steve Dangle has his own podcast with fellow Maple Leafs Adam Wylde and Jesse Blake. Yes it is a hockey podcast but they discuss everything from Pokémon to “is a hot dog a sandwich?” The episodes can be lengthy sometimes and some of the Canadian references go right over my head but I would highly recommend listening to it. If you want more Steve, he makes a YouTube video after every Leafs game and you could easily spend hours watching them.

Last but certainly not least, get your Dallas Stars fix with the Merrin and Carolyn (a.k.a. the Two Bearded Ladies). They discuss the recent slump that the Stars were in and why Jordie Benn needs to stay in to Dallas (hint: It’s to take care of his brother Jamie and his fish). The ladies do a fabulous and I definitely laughed the hardest listening to them. Also, there needs to be more all female podcasts (girl power!).

Other NHL games

If you want to watch some NHL hockey, that unfortunately does not involve our guys from Washington, NHL Network is airing the Montreal Canadiens at Toronto Maple Leafs game at 7pm EST. Also, NHL Network airs the St. Louis Blues at Chicago Blackhawks   game on Sunday at 7pm EST. You can always listen to any NHL game on, or the specific team’s website or pay for the app and stream other games. We recommend the Colorado Avalanche at Dallas Stars game at 8pm EST tonight as a good one to check out.

Stay safe and warm friends through the blizzard! The Caps should be back to practice at Kettler on Monday and then they take on the Flyers Wednesday at Verizon Center.

Written by Renee Garces

Photo from Wes Johnson’s Twitter


Author: Maggie Marcum

Managing Editor for Friends in Cold Places.

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