Practice Updates in Photos 1/13/16

Today, I bring you the photos that were supposed to be here yesterday, had I not forgotten my camera battery at home.. Ah, the life of a photographer/student/employee/blogger. 

Let’s get down to it.

Mike Richards is fitting in nicely with the team during practices. Today he was working with teammate Tom Wilson and Coach Lane Lambert before practice was in full swing, working on shots from all angles. 

Tom Wilson was back on the ice after leaving early yesterday with a lower-body injury as a precaution.  

Always with the tongue out

Now here are some extra photos from today we thought might interest our followers. Since we missed photographing yesterday we figured we’d bring you a twoffer and include some photos of the visiting Canucks! 


Holtbeast getting in some shot practice as well
Poor Burkie looked so confused this morning…
Our favorite Swedes were having a grand ol’ time
The Sedin twins and the Vancouver Canucks took practice at Kettler today
Canucks back-up goalie, Jacob Markstrom

Author: Maggie Marcum

Managing Editor for Friends in Cold Places.

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