Blogging for Hockey, Our Interview with Japers Rink’s Becca H.

Women and Hockey: Writing about Hockey

As newcomers to the hockey blogging community, Friends in Cold Places was thrilled to sit down with Japers Rink’s Becca Henschel and talk about what it’s like write and edit for one of our favorite blogs. Becca is one of two women who write for Japers. Her love of the sport was instilled in her by her father, who has been a season ticket holder since 1974, the Caps first season. She and her sisters were raised to be Caps fans.

We asked how she came to write about hockey and Becca explained that she loves to write and started her own blog in 2006 called “A View from the Cheap Seats.” She discovered a blogging community that had grown up around the Caps when Caps’ owner Ted Leonsis started credentialing bloggers. As part of that community she got to know JP and he invited her to join the team in 2008.

Like many bloggers, Becca has a ‘day’ job (in communications) and writing for Japers Rink is a labor of love. She finds ways to work her schedule so that she can write for the blog. She edits the blog on her lunch break, and in the evening often writes recaps and other posts. Much of her spare time is devoted to the blog.

In her Twitter account description Becca describes herself as someone who provides the “female perspective” to Japers Rink. We asked her to explain what she means and she said, “there are a lot of guys writing on hockey and women bring a little more of a personal side to it. Women get to know the players and it’s more about people than about the stats. There are women who love stats, but some of us tend to have a more of a personal attachment to the team and don’t go running off with the stats.” JP has said that you can tell it’s a “Becca post” when it’s a more optimistic post. She looks for the brighter side and she tries to find the good side even when we aren’t doing well. More fun to be a fan that way.

Her advice for those that want to become involved in this field? “Get to know the community”—get to know everyone else and support each other. Japers is always open to new voices. Don’t forget the love of the game, even when writing seems to become more of a chore. Keep watching the game and remember that you love the game and put the things you love in what you write. She reminds herself that it’s just a game. People tend to overreact based on the stats or a team loss. Remember it’s a game—it isn’t life and death and it is important to have fun.

You can follow Becca on Twitter ( and read her articles and summaries at Japers Rink (

Thanks for meeting with us Becca and we look forward to your tweets and articles. And thank  you Becca for welcoming us to the blogger community.

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Author: Maggie Marcum

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