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Women in Hockey: Gina Carlson and Lucca’s Blessings

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My favorite pictures of Lucca are the ones like this…full of life, innocence, joy, happiness, contentment. Toddlers have no knowledge of the evil in this world. They don't know about politics, war, addiction, disease, anxiety, or depression. They wake up ready to take on the day, constantly reaching for the next thing. They have an immense amount of life in their tiny little bodies, (why us parents are constantly so exhausted😂). They never stop exploring, & discovering new things. Imagine if we all smiled & laughed just because a plane goes by.. Lucca sees pretty flowers & lights up, smiles ear to ear. I've been thinking about the struggle I've had since becoming a mom (well, my whole life) but more so since having Lucca. Sometimes it feels like anxiety just steals the life right out from under me. His little life is so precious & in my hands. It can be so overwhelming. Am I going to mess up? Am I doing everything right? If John takes him outside to water the plants in the front yard, I'm frantic thinking he's going to run into the street. It makes me a control freak, & sometimes a constant nagger to my husband 😕 I don't want Lucca to grow up & remember me as an anxious mom who was constantly holding him back from life. I want him to live the most fulfilled life, chasing his dreams & doing everything his heart desires (except jumping out of planes, etc. please don't😩). I got off track a bit but I woke up to two random donations to @stjude ..I love reading the message u all leave. I love that so many people- my neighbors, wives of my husbands teammates in the olympics who I've met one time in Sochi, CAPS FANS, moms I've made friends with on instagram, my family & friends, my in-laws friends I've never met, have all come together&left donations on my fundraising page. I receive emails from people I've never met that their office is picking a charity & they want to pick @stjude . Every parents worst nightmare is some parents reality. No parent should hold his child while he takes his last breath.see my stories today for some sales for @stjude thank u to every single person who has ever donated a cent, it's truly appreciated. 💛

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Do you love kids? Are you a mom? Have you recently had a baby? Curious about what it’s like to date/be married to a professional athlete? If you answered yes to any of these questions you should check of the blog of Gina Carlson (Lucca’s Blessings), mom to beautiful son Lucca and husband to Washington Capitals D-Man John Carlson.

Gina’s most recent blog post was something we thought would interest our readers. We have a lot of friends who are moms with kiddos ages three and under and have gone through some of the things Gina talks about on her blog including what it is like to be married to a hockey player, pregnancy and post-pregnancy, and the challenges of being a first-time mom.

Perhaps the most incredible thing about Gina is her passion for St. Jude Children’s Hospital. Gina recently held an auction via her Instagram page  for a DC Sports basket which included signed jerseys from her hubby and Washington Nationals pitcher Gio Gonzalez, and tickets to a Caps game among other things! The basket went for a final bid of $2,250.00. This is just one example of the awesome fundraising efforts by Gina and will certainly not be the last.


If you would like to donate to help the kids at St. Judes Click here.

Thank you Gina for letting us share your story.


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