Washington Capitals: First They’re Down and Then They’re Up

Photos by Brittney Marcum (BAMitsBrittney93)

The Caps have again entered into a pattern of lose one, win one. This season we have seen two good winning streaks, one of five games and one of six games. The good news is that they have yet to lose two in a row, one of only two teams left in the league to do so.

We are nearly half way through the season and the picture is much improved over the 2014/15 season. Last season they took at least two games to bounce back to a “W” and by and large, their winning streaks were only three games long with one four-game streak. updown1

However, if the Caps hope to hold onto their Metropolitan Division lead, they need to break the cycle of back and forth in the ‘W ‘and ‘L’ columns. They need a few more consistent winning streaks to maintain their lead over the New York Rangers. At a minimum; they need to retain their new strategy of not losing two in a row.

The top three Metropolitan Division teams are neck-and-neck and the tide could shift if any of the teams change their current winning models. The Rangers are only two points behind the Caps and having a harder time coming back from their losses. The number 3 team in the division, The Islanders, are three points behind the Caps and they too are up and down—often taking a couple/three games to get back to a win. As Isabelle Khurshudyan reported earlier today, the Caps have the distinction of being the only team in the Metro to only loose one game before coming back with a win.

updown2    These are all good things, for now…

Author: Maggie Marcum

Managing Editor for Friends in Cold Places.

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