Celebrating Greenie

Mike Green is probably the most controversial Caps player, next to Alexander Semin, in recent history. Greenie played for the Washington Capitals Organization from 2004 until he signed with The Detroit Red Wings following the 2014/15 season. One of the original Young Guns –with Semin, Ovechkin, and Backstrom—Green was known for his highs and lows, his injuries, and his dedication to community. He was the player fans loved to hate and hated to love. And when he left, most felt, as Dan Steinberg wrote, that we were seeing the end of an era.greeny

Green was originally drafted by the Caps in 2004 along with teammate Alex Ovechkin, but his first full season as a Cap came in the 2006-07 season. In his first season Green had just two goals and 10 assists, ending the year with a +/- of -10. Comparing this to his last season with the Caps (2014-15) when he ended the season with 10 goals and 35 assists, Green was always a team player in the right place at the right time. Green has only played 21 games with his new team but already has one Goal and 10 assists. He is currently averaging around 21:00 minutes a game for Detroit. In case you didn’t already know Green now wears #25 just switching the numbers he previously wore (#52).

But Green was not only a great team player on the ice, Mike founded “So Kids Can” with DC 101’s Elliot Segal, a fundraising group that designates funds to youth-focused organizations in the area. Green committed to donating $100 for every goal he scored and $50 for every assist. He received the James Brown Impact Award for his involvement in the community. The award is given to a player who uses his sport to impact the Washington DC area. One of the most memorable charities Greenie supported was the annual Kaboom! playground restoration and build projects in the greater DC area.

green elliot
Green and Elliot
green kaboom
Green and KABOOM!


We saw Mike grow up, just as we have watched the other young guns. He inspired many fans into community service by his example. We watched him as he dated and then married his lovely bride Courtney Parrie, a local girl and photographer. And we understand that they are expecting their first child. At the end of the day, Mike Green will always hold a special spot in the hearts of Caps fans for all he inspired us to do and for his great plays on the ice.

We look forward to seeing him, even if it is in something other than a Washington Capitals sweater.

green detroit
Detroit Mike, Number 25

Author: Maggie Marcum

Managing Editor for Friends in Cold Places.

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