Getting To Hershey and Cocoa’s House

hershey alumni
Hershey Bear Alumni at Opening Night 2015



The cost for parking at Giant Center is $9.00 The parking lots are right outside the arena; Very reasonable compared to what you pay at Verizon Center.


If you choose to eat outside the arena, there are plenty of options like two of our favorites: Cocoa Diner (590 E Main St, Hummelstown), Soda Jerk Diner & Dairy Bar, and several fast food restaurants.

Inside the arena there are many delicious options as well. My personal favorite place to eat is Arooga’s Wing Shack. They have boneless and bone-in wings with many sauces to choose from. Other food selections include: Pizza, Italian cuisine, a nacho bar, and of course your arena favorite beer, hot dogs and popcorn.


There really are no bad seats inside Giant Center. If you are coming with children or those who prefer not to be around alcohol there are several “Alcohol Free” sections located in the arena including sections 116 and 216.


You can definitely do the drive up and back to Hershey in one day but if you choose to stay overnight in Hershey there are a vast range of options. For those seeking a true getaway the best option would be the one and only Hotel Hershey—a 4.5 star resort style hotel complete with spa facilities, a full restaurant, and access to The Hershey Country Club and their three beautiful golf courses. For those looking for something more affordable there are too many choices including Hilton and Marriott which have several hotels right in Hershey alone.


Feel free to ask the usher which section to go down if you’d like to take photos during warm-ups. They do allow them but some season ticket holders like to sit in their own seats for warm-ups and you don’t want to block their view.

Getting Player Autographs & Pictures

hershey roster
Getting to Know Your Players

Perhaps the best part of Hershey is how accessible the players are. After games you can pretty much get a photo or autograph from any player you’d like. Just go out the main entrance and turn right, go past the season ticket holder entrance and take the set of stairs that leads down to another smaller lot. At the bottom of the stairs walk straight, past the media entrance, until you see a smaller set of stairs on your right hand side. Wait at the top of those stairs for the players as they come out. If you don’t know who a player is, feel free to ask those around you. This is the highlight of every Hershey trip for me. The guys are more than willing to stand and have conversations with fans post-game, but remember if they are with their families especially young children try not to keep them too long. It can get cold out there so bundle up!

hershey coco   Last but certainly not least, if you are looking for a great photo opportunity, the Bears mascot, Coco is always walking around the arena to take photos with fans young and those young at heart!

And remember to have fun!!!


Author: Maggie Marcum

Managing Editor for Friends in Cold Places.

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