Is There Such as Thing as Too Many Caps Blogs????

As the new kids on the block, we had to ask ourselves that very question. And obviously, we think not. There are some great blogs out there, each with a different style or way of presenting information. On this Thanksgiving Day eve, we are thankful for the bloggers who have come before us and paved the way for quality reporting on social media.

JAPERS Rink is the big daddy of us all. Hosted by SB Nation, they provide daily coverage of Caps practices and games. If you follow them on twitter they also link you to all the articles written about the Caps. One-stop shopping at its best. Then there is Russia Machine Never Breaks. They have been writing all things Russian players since 2009. They were the first blog we ever followed and probably who inspires us the most to just have fun covering hockey. They are the best place to go for translations of articles and what Russian players really said! And then there is the blog that got us started and through which we found our own style. NoVa Caps provides a forum for fan to write articles and share their passion. They also recap games and repost nifty articles. Also new on the scene is Washington Capitals Loyal Fan Club Page over on Facebook which reposts great articles from all the outlets and bloggers. 

Then we have the “professional blogs.” These are the ones from media outlets: the Washington Post (Capitals Insider), CSN-Mid Atlantic (Caps Talk, etc.), Dump ‘N Chase (with Mike Vogs) the Caps Official blog, and Club Scarlet (the official Caps blog from a woman’s perspective). And there are two other important web pages for events in the area: Caps Fan Club and Caps Road Crew. Check out the list to the right for more great blogs and web sites to follow. And if you have a favorite, just let us know and we will be sure to add them.

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Although there are many great blogs and websites to catch information on the Capitals, we hope that our addition to the crowd will bring you something a little bit different. Our focus is on photography—catching players and fans at just the right moment. We have so much fun with this great Caps Community and we want you to catch the Red Rocking bug through our eyes. We aren’t likely to be reposting other pictures you can see in the blogs and webpage links on the right—why reinvent the wheel? And we won’t be doing the heavy analysis the other folks do. We will be reporting from our seats, around the glass, and from the where ever we find hockey fans—be they Caps, Hershey, Wounded Warriors, or local teams.

We would love your feedback and suggestions for images you want us to catch. And if we are standing outside Kettler and you want help taking a picture with your favorite player—we are here to help!!

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Author: Maggie Marcum

Managing Editor for Friends in Cold Places.

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